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Marcy Woolard

Marcy Woolard
Washington NC Office
Office: 757-277-6542
Toll-free: 800-849-2456

Marcy has lived a diverse life and has worn many hats over the years. She has lived in Manhattan, LA and Denver. She took ballet and has performed in The Nutcracker, the Norfolk Symphony and was even Mouse King one year. Some of her interests include music, dance, and also photography. She enjoys taking black and white pictures which is one of her favorites. Marcy is very creative and has been in the entertainment industry for most of her life. While living in LA she co-wrote a short film, “Downward Hiro,” has done voiceover work and some acting. Some of her other favorite things include animals, trivia, snorkeling, being at the beach or by the pool. She is also the mother to a sweet cat named Slinky.


As your realtor, she would be very attentive to your interest and needs. She enjoys hearing what you want and will do her best to find the home of your dreams. Marcy loves older homes that need a bit of love and would certainly be interested in helping you sell your property as well. Give her a call at 757-277-6542 or email her so you can start the process of listing your home or becoming a new homeowner.


In Eastern North Carolina

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