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Laura Gerard

Laura Gerard
Washington NC Office
Office: 252-495-5414
Toll-free: 800-849-2456

Originally from Connecticut, Laura has made Washington, Beaufort County her home for the past 24 years. She is married to Walt Gerard who owns a local company, Gerard Seed Company, and Riverside Grain. Together they have 4 children, Marisa, Madison, Bailey, and Walt V.

During her downtime, she enjoys sports, shopping, and decorating. Because of her love for the outdoors, she has become an avid runner, having run in 2 marathons in the past. Laura attends First United Methodist Church and is active in the community.

Along with the encouragement of her family and after raising her four children, Laura decided to pursue her own career and become a real estate agent. Over the years, she and her husband have done major remodels and have enjoyed flipping homes. She delights in staging houses and could certainly help a new home buyer pick and choose their perfect dream home. Laura has a love of the water since she has lived on the water most of her years here. Showing clients, the waterfront, and the great outdoors that Washington and Beaufort County have to offer would make her a good agent choice. Give her a call, 252-495-5414 if you are interested in listing or selling your home. You may contact her via email:


In Eastern North Carolina

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