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Robin Pond was raised in Iowa and after spending most of her adult life in the Desert Southwest, moved to Beaufort County in 2011. “My husband and I had taken a trip to North Carolina and were riding on the Bayview ferry. As soon as we saw the picturesque shoreline of the Bath and Belhaven area, with the rich fall colors of the trees reflecting on the water, we knew we had found our new home”. After spending twenty-years in Human Resource Management and fighting the traffic in metropolitan areas, the wide open spaces and beauty of eastern North Carolina offered a sweet respite. Robin is married to Mark Pond, has three grown children, and is an active member of the Belhaven Missionary Baptist Church and CUFI. Robin has combined her lifelong passion of home renovation and house hunting with a career in real estate. She can assist you with the challenge of finding just the right house, selling your home quickly, or quickly spotting the hidden potential in an investment property. As a transplant herself, she understands the uncertainties and challenges a newcomer may face. “If you are looking to sell your home, flip a home, or relocate to this beautiful part of God’s country, please give me a call”!

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