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Bob Rich, the Founder of The Rich Company established The Rich Company in 1972 in a three-room building with an answering machine. He has grown the company to the largest real estate company in eastern North Carolina. He has a degree in economics from St. Andrews College. Former President of The Washington/Beaufort County Board of Realtors, he has served for many years as the Mediator for the board. In 1988, Bob built a new location at the most prominent intersection in Washington, NC at the corner of 15th St. and Hwy. 17 directly in front of Wal-Mart and across the street from Burger King. Traffic and business have increased one-hundred fold since the humble beginnings and Bob continues to look for new and innovative ways to market real estate.

Bob’s philosophy is that service and reliability come first in this business. Go the extra mile for your client, work harder, do your homework and good things will happen. It is a very simple philosophy, but one that people often forget and Bob is constantly reminding his sales associates of this principle. Bob has kept up with technology and has a very well-documented web page where a tremendous amount of our business is derived. Walk-in traffic is excellent and our nationwide advertising has also produced great results. We have the absolute best agents in Eastern, North Carolina. We offer you a warm welcome, a cup of coffee, and everything you ever wanted to know about real estate in Eastern, North Carolina.

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