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Washington, NC
Original by Nature
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Originally called “The Fork of the Tar”, for the way the Pamlico River splits into the Tar River and Chocowinity Bay, the city was renamed to Washington around the time of the American Revolution after George Washington. It is said that during the war, General Washington spent a night in this town.

The town is rich in historical buildings and landmarks–many dating back to colonial times. The city was bombed during the American Revolution and there is even a downtown waterfront home that still contains a cannon ball shot from a Union ship in the Tar River.

According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 6.8 miles, (6.5 miles) of it is land and (0.3 miles) of it is water.

Washington has a population of approximately 10,000 people. Locals enjoy fishing and boating and additional recreational activities on the Pamlico River.  Washington is home to many delightful and entertaining festivals throughout the year. Stewart Parkway, on the downtown waterfront, has 36 boat slips with electricity and water available.

Washington is truly a beautiful historic town who has and continues to revive the downtown area. Exquisite shops and exciting new restaurants line the streets where locals have shopped for many years. The remarkable building architecture reflect days of old. Most have been brought back to their original beauty. This city of the past and future is enjoying the development of new and exclusive condominiums that will provide superior views and easy access for boaters to dock their vessel.

This mid-sized rural town has been called the “Heart of the Inner Banks”. It has a range of historical buildings and landmarks that add to its architectural interest, with some dating back to colonial times. A self-guided Historic Walking Tour allows visitors to explore the neighborhoods. Homes of Victorian design, Arts and Crafts, and traditional early-20th century dwellings stand side-by-side on sidewalks lined with crepe myrtle trees. Condominiums and townhouses have been constructed on the city’s waterfront to bring residents back to the river, the town’s starting place. A Farmer’s and Artisan’s Market is held regularly on the town’s green areas on the waterfront.

The North Carolina Estuarium

The North Carolina Estuarium, located on the Pamlico River, portrays the ecology of North Carolina’s estuaries. The Tar-Pamlico River and Pamlico Sound are featured in the more than 200 scientific and historic exhibits. In addition, a scenic 3/4 mile boardwalk takes visitors out along the Pamlico River. Washington features fishing and boating along the Pamlico River.

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