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Abbott Tunstall is a native of Washington. He attended Washington High School and went on to play football in Newport News, Virginia before transferring to finish his degree at NC State University. He moved back east to start working in real estate directly after college. Abbott worked managing O’Malley Tunstall law firm from 2008-2016, all the while helping those with real estate needs through referral to The Rich Company agents and others. Abbott and his wife, Hillary, moved back to Washington in 2010 and are now raising their two children, Squires and Anne Haven, in this beautiful area.

Abbott has extensive knowledge of not only Washington, but also adjacent areas in Beaufort County. His love of this community and, of course, the Pamlico River, makes him an excellent choice for marketing properties to their full potential or discovering the best fit for buying a new home. Abbott’s IT and marketing experience is also extensive as he possesses the skills to ensure that his clients’ properties have great degree of visibility online and in the community.

Abbott’s clients can rest assured knowing that they are in good hands with one of the most important decisions in their lives. Call Abbott today and let him introduce you to one of the best treasures in NC or continue your love for this area!

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